Policy for Rental of Facilities for Funerals and Vigils

Updated 2017 Aug


We are sincerely sorry for your loss. CityChurch is not in the business of profiting off your loss. We want to serve you and be able to continue serving the community by simply covering the operational costs associated with staffing and using the facilities for your funeral/vigil.

Rental Application

For those wanting to rent our facilities you will need to apply through The Facility Rental Application Form at the link below. Once your application is approved you will need to fill out and submit a Release of Liability in person at the CityChurch Offices. By submitting an application, all applicants are agreeing to abide by and uphold CityChurch’s Policy for Rental of Facilities for Funerals and Vigils.

We reserve the right to not accommodate certain ceremonial rituals and activities that conflict with CityChurch’s Free Grace Theology, and/or that may be a disturbance to nearby neighborhoods and businesses, and/or that may pose a safety hazard.

Release of Liability and Renter’s Responsibility

The Renter will be required to sign a release of liability to CityChurch and its employees and agents for any damages, losses, or injuries that may occur during use of the facilities.

Should an emergency occur, immediate notification must be provided to the CityChurch staff member present. It is the Renter’s responsibility to document the details of the incident and communicate them in written form to CityChurch’s Director of Operations within 48 hours of the incident.

Buildings Available for Rental Use

CityChurch may offer for rental use the Video Cafe or the Main Auditorium on Fridays, provided the availability of the building and staff support required. CityChurch facilities are not available for rental use on Saturdays, Sundays, and Monday through Thursday evenings.

No glassware is permitted in any of our facilities.

The Video Cafe

The Video Cafe is our primary rental facility. It has a maximum occupancy of 300 people.

We offer certain seating and table layouts, which we’ll discuss at the time of finalizing the rental agreement. Given the nature of the building’s regular use, some items, decorations, and fixtures, may not be removed and will remain visible during your event.

Cafe appliances, equipment, commercial machinery, and supplies are unfortunately not available for rental or use.  Cafe countertops, however, may be used for serving food, with the exception of countertops on which iPads or other electronic devices are installed.

Rental of the Main Auditorium

Given the building’s primary function and frequent use, rental of the Main Auditorium is extremely limited and only available on a case by case basis. This building may only be offered when the required CityChurch personnel—a Producer, Audio/Visual Technicians, and Lighting Operators, are available to staff the funeral.

Schedule of Fees

We regularly update our fees to ensure they are fair and at market value. The deposit for the building(s) is due at time of reservation. All other fees are due by 12p (noon) CT the day before the event. We can accept payment by cash or check only. Any non-CityChurch staff musicians or vocalists will require separate payment by cash or check.

We cannot accommodate full bands. Music must be electronically driven or single instrument. Any videos to be shown must be in DVD format.

*Rental agreement conditions must be upheld for deposit to be refunded.
**2-hour minimum ($60 total). 5-hour maximum ($150).
***This amount is the customary donation given to the Event Officiant.


Cancellation prior to 48 hours before scheduled event shall be reimbursable at 100%. Cancellation that occurs less than 48 hours, but prior to 24 hours before the scheduled event will be reimbursable at $100 of the $150 deposit. A cancellation less than 24 hours will forfeit the deposit.

Alcohol, Controlled Substances, and Tobacco Products

Any use of any alcohol or controlled substances inside or on the grounds of any CityChurch property is strictly prohibited. Any use of tobacco products inside any CityChurch building is strictly prohibited.

Memorial, Items, Flowers, and Other Decorations

Arrangements must be made in advance for access to CityChurch buildings. Renters may set up memorial items such as pictures and flowers, or food and beverages, no earlier than 2 hours prior to the event.

Renter access is limited to the hours between 12:00p (noon) and 9:00p CT, by which, all items and decorations must be removed, trash thrown away, and guests out of the building. No adhesive decorations of any kind may be applied to any walls, doors, tables, or chairs.

Flowers should be delivered to either:

The Video Cafe
9439 Bandera Rd.

The Main Auditorium
9431 Bandera Rd.